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FM | Important Notification | Advance Containerised Cargo Loading Notices - South Africa

13 Apr 2018 11:38 AM | Anonymous

Kindly be informed that FM member Rara Avis Freight & Logistics (Pty) Ltd, South Africa has an important notification.

Managing Director, Ms. Judy Everitt informed us about advance containerised cargo loading notices (Pre-Arrival Manifest) in South Africa:

The Customs Authority in South Africa has announced the full implementation of the Customs Control Act, 2014. The first phase of the Reporting of Conveyances and Goods (RCG) under the current Customs and Excise Act, 1964 is scheduled to be implemented 20 April 2018.

The RCG project is intended to provide customs control of all vessels, trains, vehicles, goods and persons entering or leaving South Africa. Advanced containerised cargo loading notices must be transmitted to customs at least 24 hours before the first container is loaded on board the vessel that will transport the cargo to South Africa. This applies to both cargo destined for and to be transhipped via South African ports.

Frequently asked questions as per the South African Revenue Services website:

What does RCG stand for and where does it fit in?
-RCG is an acronym for Reporting of Conveyances and Goods and it is one of the three major projects being undertaken under the New Customs Act Programme (NCAP) which is charged with operationalising the Customs Control Act, 2014 and the Customs Duty Act, 2014.

When is the first implementation for RCG scheduled for?
-The first implementation of RCG is scheduled for 20 April 2018.

Are the reporting requirements applicable to both master and house bill cargo?
-Yes, reports are required from both Carriers (master bills) and Clearing Agents (house bills).

You can click here to review customs notification and further details.

Thanks to Rara Avis Freight & Logistics (Pty) Ltd for this notification.

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