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Vietnam Airlines adds Boeing 787-10 jet to its fleet

20 Aug 2019 5:16 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published on 19 August 2019

Vietnam Airlines has received its first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner airplane via lease from Air Lease Corporation (ALC).

The carrier plans to deploy twin-aisle airplane on the busiest routes in its expanding network.

This is the first of eight 787-10 Dreamliner airplanes and this 787-10 jet will complement Vietnam Airlines' existing fleet of 787-9 jets.

Both feature the Dreamliner's ultra-efficient technology and passenger-pleasing comforts.

The 787-10 is longer than the 787-9, providing the space to carry 40 more passengers and more cargo and helping it offer the lowest operating costs per seat of any twin-aisle jet in service today.

"Welcoming the largest member of the 787 family to our growing fleet ensures we continue to boast one of the youngest and most modern fleets in Asia and also adds a competitive edge to Vietnam Airlines' operations," said Pham Ngoc Minh, chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines.

"On our journey to become a 5-star airline, we are confident that the Boeing 787-10 fleet will further elevate the customer experience on the Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh route as well as many international routes."

Vietnam Airlines is outfitting its 787-10 models with 367 seats (24 in business class and 343 in economy class).

In addition to its size and fuel efficiency, the 787-10 can cover long distances.

With a published range of 6,430 nautical miles (11,910 km), the 787-10 can fly more than 95 percent of the world's twin-aisle routes.

Airlines are deploying the 787-10 around the world, especially in Asia as it is home to more than half of all 787-10 destinations.

"Vietnam Airlines has achieved impressive growth in recent years and helped power the rapid rise of commercial aviation in Southeast Asia. We see even greater potential ahead and the 787-10 brings the perfect combination of size and efficiency for Vietnam Airlines to serve high-demand routes, while the longer-range 787-9 delivers the flexibility to connect the world's major cities with popular destinations in Vietnam and surrounding countries," said Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing of The Boeing Company.

To optimize the performance of its 787 fleet, Vietnam Airlines uses Boeing Global Services solutions such as Airplane Health Management (AHM) to capture real-time flight data and enable predictive maintenance.

AHM is powered by Boeing AnalytX, a collection of software and consulting services that transform raw data into greater efficiency during every phase of flight.


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