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  • 16 Dec 2019 10:17 AM | Anonymous

    New partners are going on to join with the valuable contribution of the members!

    Today we are excited to welcome NEW AGE CLEARING & FORWARDING (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED from India with the recommendation of B2B Global Inc, Canada.

    Let’s have a warm welcome to our new member on board of the Freight Midpoint.

    Wish you a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: Plot No. 40, Udyog Vihar, Phase-1, Gurgaon – 122016, Haryana, India
    CONTACT: Lokesh Kumar
    TEL: +91 0124 4054361


  • 13 Dec 2019 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    New partners are going on to join with the valuable contribution of the members!

    Today we are glad to welcome ALP LOGISTICS VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY with the recommendation of AAS Logistics B. V., Netherlands.

    Let’s have a warm welcome to our new member on board of the Freight Midpoint.

    Wish you a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: 8th Floor, C'Land Tower, 156 Xa Dan 2, Nam Dong, Dong Da, Ha Noi, Vietnam
    CONTACTS: Mr. Tran Quoc Loc,
    Ms. Thu
    TEL: +84 24 3516 1648
    FAX: +84 24 3516 1687


  • 13 Dec 2019 4:01 PM | Anonymous

    Today it is our pleasure to share with you that CHAMPION LOGISTICS (SHA) CO., LTD. re-joined Freight Midpoint from CHINA.

    Remind that they used to be our member and now we are happy to see them among us again.

    Wish you a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: Room 1603, No. 188 Si Ping Road, Hong Kou District, Shanghai, China
    CONTACTS: Scottie Zhuo Yun Feng,
    Huang Lei,
    TEL: +86 021 5589 1730 / 8009
    FAX: +86 021 5589 7613


  • 13 Dec 2019 2:39 PM | Anonymous

    Proud to share with you the exciting news of FM member TRANSORIENT ULUSLARARASI TASIMACILIK VE TICARET A.S., Turkey.

    Transorient has been awarded as ‘’The Best Managed Company’’ in Turkey in the program organized by Deloitte Private Turkey in November 2019.

    Within the scope of the award program, 95 candidate companies were examined under some criteria such as strategy, competence and innovation, culture and commitment, governance and financial.

    Deloitte Private’s Best Managed Companies Programme already implemented in 20 countries worldwide and held for the second time in Turkey.

    You can review the press release for further details at



  • 12 Dec 2019 3:00 PM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 12 December 2019

    Latam Cargo has added capacity by taking delivery of another B767-300BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter).

    This reception takes the company's standardised fleet to 11 all-cargo B767-300s that will strengthen its presence in the Latin American market.

    This is the third and last converted aircraft the LATAM Group will receive under the contract signed with Boeing in late 2017, which provided for the conversion of three B 767-300ER (Extended Range) passenger airplanes from LATAM Airlines Group to a cargo configuration, the first of which was delivered in December 2018 and the second in July 2019.

    By increasing capacity, the company strengthens its position in Latin America, especially on the routes from Colombia and Ecuador to the United States.

    In fact, it has almost tripled its offer between Bogota and Miami, and increased capacity between Quito and Miami by over 35 percent.

    Initially, the converted freighter will operate 14 weekly flights to Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and USA. In the future, it may also be used in Europe.

    “Adding this last Boeing 767BCF is a major milestone for the LATAM Cargo Group, as we now have a fleet that is 100 percent compatible with our strategy and the reality of the markets we currently serve. Moreover, we operate the aircraft type that best responds to the market sizes and products we carry. This will enable us to solidify our position in key markets, provide our customers with more and better options and boost our profitability,” said Andres Bianchi, CEO of LATAM Cargo Group, adding that the company has the flexibility to convert more passenger airliners to freighters as new opportunities arise.

    In late 2017, LATAM Cargo Group announced its decision to standardize its fleet by withdrawing its last B777-200F and operating exclusively with B767-300F aircraft to better adapt to the changes in demand of the Latin American market.

    The company therefore sold its last 777F and signed an agreement with Boeing for the conversion of three LATAM Airlines Group 767-300ER passenger aircraft to a freighter configuration.

    Over the last four and a half months, the third LATAM Cargo Group BCF underwent the conversion process at the SASCO facilities in Singapore.

    “We are the largest air cargo company in the region, with a robust, growing fleet and the service schedule that best adapts to size and seasonal fluctuations. Our fleet growth is part of our strategy to increase our combined passenger and cargo belly capacity and to permanently evaluate new routes to satisfy the needs of our clients,” said Kamal Hadad,network and alliance director of LATAM Cargo Group.

    The airplane operated by LATAM Cargo Colombia under nose number N542LA had its maiden voyage on December 7 on the Miami-Bogota-Miami route.


  • 10 Dec 2019 10:22 AM | Anonymous
    Original news was published on 09 December 2019

    Poland’s Port of Gdańsk, one of the biggest seaports in the Baltic Sea, is preparing for an important milestone of becoming the busiest container port in the region.

    As of now, the difference between the Port of Gdańsk and the Russian Port of St. Petersburg, the currently leading Baltic port, is only 122,000 TEUs, meaning that Gdansk is very close to achieving its goal.

    “We expect the year 2020 to be of a historic essence for us, reaching 2,350,000 TEUs, a 10% increase compared to 2019,” Lukasz Greinke, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk Authority, said in an interview with World Maritime News.

    “The huge impact on the projected increase is tied with the Euro Chain Train (ECT), which directly connects China with Gdańsk. Starting January 2020, Gdańsk will regularly receive regular railway services from Xi’an through Małaszewicze to Gdańsk.”

    As explained, this connection offers many new possibilities not only for the port but for shipping companies as well, allowing a much faster route to the Scandinavian and British markets. The first train on this route arrived on November 24 from Xi’an, taking only 10 days.

    However, the port’s ambition reaches far beyond that, according to Greinke. The current investments, and those planned such as the flagship project, the new Central Port, are to accelerate container throughput to up to 7,000,000 TEU.

    The projects also include a plan to modernize the majority of the quays in the Internal Port. This will allow for more and bigger vessels to be serviced in this area of the port, Greinke continued.

    The road and rail infrastructure linked to the Port of Gdańsk is also said to be a subject of very extensive works, focusing on modernizing and adding new connections leading straight to the port.

    When asked about the main facilitator of the container volume increase at the Port of Gdańsk, Greinke said that Poland is experiencing continuous economic growth as it has become one of the most versatile markets within the European Union. This year’s annual growth is expected to reach 4,3%, with consumption remaining its main engine.

    “This also applies to the Port of Gdańsk, the largest Polish port. I believe that this is due to our excellent understanding of Gdańsk’s geographic and economic strengths. We are the only port in the Baltic regularly receiving calls from the biggest shipping lines. The biggest vessels in the world, including the Gulsun class, can enter the port.”

    Additionally, the port is said to have the fastest connection with Eastern Europe – mainly to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine.

    “These all strengths add up to form the outstanding performance of our port not only on a European scale but worldwide,” the Port of Gdańsk CEO pointed out.

    The Central Port

    During a recent visit of a maritime and business delegation from Poland to Singapore, the Port of Gdańsk Authority outlined plans to build the EUR 2.8 billion Central Port in order to complement Gdansk’s operations. The envisaged port has been described as “the biggest maritime investment project in Europe”.

    “It is the biggest investment ever to be realized in our port. Due to the huge and diverse scale of the project, it has been divided into 4 stages and scheduled to be fully finished by 2029,” Greinke commented.

    “The Central Port will have a tremendous impact on the overall number of cargo handled, reaching 100 000 mn tonnes in 2045.”

    As of November 2019, the overall technical documentation for the Central Port has been completed. The Port of Gdańsk’s main focus at this stage is to acquire potential investors to operate in the Central Port. The port’s CEO informed that this year only, the Port of Gdańsk signed a number of agreements with different companies, such as Gdańsk Shipyard, expressing their interests in the investment.

    Specifically, it will be possible for some of the four project stages to be carried out simultaneously. The first stage, ‘Stage 0’, is focused on establishing the necessary base for the Central Port in the offshore part. This will also include completing the access and technical infrastructure.

    Moreover, ‘Stage I’ concentrates on building a new set of breakwaters, and commencing the construction of the new terminals — container, passenger, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and automotive. This stage will also include the construction of the Local Traffic Controle Centre. Greinke noted that the timeline of ‘Stage 1’ heavily relies on potential investors.

    In addition, ‘Stage II’ involves the construction of other terminals, mainly the universal and chemical ones. The final construction of breakwaters is scheduled to be finished at this stage. ‘Stage II’ will also be marked by the completion of a shipyard pier. It is estimated to take four years, however, Stage II and Stage II may be carried out simultaneously.

    The remaining part of the Central Port project is ‘Stage III’, which involves the construction of an LNG terminal and a power plant. New technical infrastructure, mainly cold production facilities and warehouses are also scheduled for this stage which is estimated to be completed in six years.

    “We estimate that the construction of the first terminal and its accompanying infrastructure will take place in 2024. This is related to the time we need to negotiate commercial terms and conditions, alongside various permits and legal decisions.”

    Earlier this year, the first LNG bunkering using the tank truck-to-ship technology took place at the Port of Gdańsk. Reflecting on the seaport’s bunkering capabilities and LNG infrastructure plans, Greinke elaborated:

    “LNG market continues to grow in response to the strong ongoing demand. Our response lies with the Central Port, which involves the construction of an LNG terminal, and an LNG power plant. We also plan on investing in a floating LNG terminal, greatly increasing our bunkering capabilities.”

    DCT Gdańsk Acquisition

    Earlier this year, Singapore’s terminal operator PSA International, the Polish Development Fund (PFR) and the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF) acquired the Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) Gdańsk. DCT Gdańsk is one of the fastest-growing container terminals in Europe and the only terminal in the Baltic that can serve ultra large container vessels (ULCVs) with a capacity of up to 23,000 TEUs.

    Speaking of the terminal and the transaction, CEO of the Port of Gdańsk said:

    “DCT Gdańsk is the biggest container terminal in the Baltic, located at the very crossroads of the Baltic deep-sea trade routes.

    “It would only seem natural the PSA … was interested in acquiring DCT, expanding its services in this region of Europe. DCT Gdańsk consists of two deep-water terminals, and a new, third terminal is planned to be constructed.”

    The cooperation between Poland and Singapore is set to strengthen in the future as well, following the Singapore Maritime & Business Mixer organized in October. According to Greinke, the main goal was to stimulate business relations between the Singaporean and Polish companies, at the same time presenting the potential of Gdańsk.

    “The Port of Gdańsk serves as an access point to over 120 million customers for the Asian companies, and our intention was to highlight this business opportunity to those, who have not yet taken it.”

    Digitalization, Brexit and Future Objectives

    As the shipping industry is witnessing a surge in investments into smart technologies, WMN wanted to find out in what way the Port of Gdańsk is facilitating digitalization.

    “The Port of Gdańsk, as one of the first ports on the Baltic Sea, strives to implement new systems in practice. Our key systems are Navigate, which allows customers to check for a possible delivery route via sea. The system is easily accessed by our website,” the port’s CEO explained.

    “Another project we’re focused on is the National Single Window, which will enable data flows between the shipping industry and legal authorities. During the China International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair in 2018, together with several other main world ports, we signed a declaration of building this worldwide initiative.”

    Commenting on the impact of Brexit on the Baltic Sea ports, particularly the Port of Gdańsk, Greinke optimistically said:

    “We believe Brexit will present us with many new possibilities. With the British ports closing to its partners, the Port of Gdańsk has a great chance to fill in, and become a new European hub instead.”

    “The key advantage is our great access to the Central and Eastern Europe regions. The completion of the Central Port, and subsequent increase in transshipment capability are essential to preserving the flow of the European transport markets.”

    Finally, revealing the port’s key growth objectives, Greinke stressed:

    “Our main goal and ambition are to dominate the Baltic Sea trade.”

    In his view, this can be achieved by developing a range of comprehensive port services, connecting Poland with the rest of the world on many different levels.

    “Our quest is not to just keep up with the ever-changing smart technologies, but to actually lead, and set an example to follow for the other European ports. The many ongoing investments will result in the Port of Gdańsk having an excellent connection with the hinterlands,” the Port of Gdańsk’s CEO highlighted.

    “The biggest factor in becoming the number one European port, in addition to being the fastest-growing port in Europe, is the visionary project of the Central Port,” Greinke concluded.


  • 05 Dec 2019 1:55 PM | Anonymous

    New partners are going on to join with the valuable contribution of the members!

    Today we are glad to welcome PT. DANKE LOGISTIK INDONESIA with the recommendation of Merc Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd., India.

    Let’s have a warm welcome to our new member on board of the Freight Midpoint.

    Wish you a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: City Resort Ruko Hawaii Blok A No. 56 Jalan Hawaiian City II, Cengkareng, Jakarta, 11730, Indonesia
    CONTACT: Indra Lie
    TEL: +62 21 569 59989


  • 05 Dec 2019 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 03 December 2019

    All flights between Zurich and Cancun can now carry freight on both their inbound and outbound journeys as Swiss WorldCargo has opened its Cancun station for exports.

    The freight division of Swiss International Air Lines connects Cancun and Zurich with a thrice-weekly Airbus A340-300 service, operated by Edelweiss, sister company of Swiss International Air Lines.

    The aircraft will offer a payload in excess of 15 tonnes on each leg of the flight.

    Skylog, a member of the ECS Group, will manage all commercial activity for the new service in Cancun, while Swissport will oversee ground operations

    Inbound flights depart Zurich in the afternoon and arrive in Cancun in the evening, while outbound flights leave Cancun in the evening and arrive in Zurich the following afternoon.

    With this schedule, customers in Mexico benefit from late delivery times in Cancun as well as ideal arrival times in Zurich for many same-day connections to Swiss WorldCargo’s worldwide destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

    "We are delighted to open our Cancun station to exports. With this new development, we will create additional export options for numerous customers shipping a wide variety of products from the Yucatan Peninsula to Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. Having a strong foothold in the Latin American market remains a critical focus point for us," said Hendrik Falk, head of cargo for USA West, South, and Latin America.


  • 03 Dec 2019 11:48 AM | Anonymous

    Freight Midpoint continues to introduce you strong partners from all around the world. Today we are excited to share that in addition to their Varna office, AB LOGISTICS LTD., Bulgaria has extended their presence in our network with their Sofia office now.

    Let’s have a warm welcome to our new member on board of the Freight Midpoint.

    Wish you a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: 2 Nikolay Haytov Str., entr. 3 , floor 6, office 13 Iztok distr., 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria
    CONTACT: Mayya Beleva
    TEL: +359 886 431 572


  • 03 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 03 December 2019

    Cargolux Airlines International has renewed its Cargo iQ certification for the next three years.

    The Cargo iQ audit ensures that the company complies with Cargo iQ standards and contributes to the seamless transportation of air cargo in the supply chain.

    Cargo iQ is an IATA-interest group comprising airlines and forwarders that aims at improving the work processes throughout the transport journey from shipper to consignee.

    The objective is to implement processes, backed by quality standards that are measurable and supported by data. As a founding member of the initiative, Cargolux takes the issue of seamless shipment transit very seriously and strive to enhance transparency and cooperation within the process.

    The Cargo iQ re-certification reflects Cargolux’s engagement towards an efficient supply chain.

    Franco Nanna, Director Global Logistics Services explains: “Cargolux has been committed to the Cargo iQ project since the very beginning and has been actively involved in the development and implementation of improved business processes. We are proud to have achieved the Cargo iQ re-certification, a testament to our engagement in the establishment of a smooth and seamless logistics chain.”

    Cargolux continuously monitors and assesses its procedures and policies to ensure quality service for its stakeholders.

    As an airline with a global network and an international customer base, it is crucial for Cargolux to ensure efficient service.

    Service excellence and efficient processes are central to Cargolux’s philosophy and certifications such as this one ensures the highest standards are applied throughout the transport process.


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