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  • 18 Dec 2018 1:19 PM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 15 December, 2018

    During the first three quarters of the current year, Ukraine’s seaports increased their aggregate container handling volume by 15% year-on-year to 591,314 TEU, including 292,084 TEU of import, 277,026 TEU of export and 22.204 TEU of transit containers.

    The volumes of import and export containers handled over the period increased by 16.2% y/y and 11.7% y/y respectively, continuing the trend of the past several years to more imports in the overall mix.

    The "Big Odessa" ports (Yuzhny, Chornomorsk and Odessa proper) accounted for all container traffic, according to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), a branch of the country’s Infrastructure Ministry.

    Port operators based in Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny accounted for 72%, 15% and 13% respectively of the total volume of containers handled between January and September 2018.

    Specifically, volume at Odessa increased by 14.4% y/y to 425,071 TEU, including 217,950 TEU of import (up 13% y/y), 188,929 TEU of export (up 22.9% y/y) and 18,192 TEU of transit (down 23.2% y/y) containers.

    Chornomorsk handled 88,733 TEU over the period, comprising 34,196 TEU of import and 54,537 TEU of export containers.

    Volume at Yuzhny increased by 57.3% to 77,185 TEU, including 39,875 TEU of import (up 73.7% y/y), 33,517 TEU of export (up 37.6% y/y) and 3,793 TEU of transit (up 380% y/y) containers.

    Last year, all the Ukrainian seaports handled 725,200 TEU, up 6.7% on 2016.

    Making up just 8% of the overall cargo tonnage handled by the nation’s ports, containers are the main driver for growth. New intermodal services link the ports with the key regional centres.


  • 17 Dec 2018 9:39 AM | Anonymous

    We are proud to share with you that FM member Bee Logistics Corporation has been awarded with the “Top Revenue for European Routes”.

    Please kindly see below details from Bee Logistics Corporation about the award.

    On 11 December, 2018, at the Customer Conference hosted by Vietnam Airlines in Melia Hotel Hanoi, it was a great honor for Bee Logistics Group, represented by Vice President Victor Tran Dang Nam, to be awarded with the “Top Revenue for European Routes” by Vietnam Airlines (the North).

    As a long-term strategic partner of Vietnam Airlines, Bee Logistics have been hitting new records of growth rate, for the recent years, in terms of revenue generated from air export services to a variety of routes, especially European markets operated by the national airline – Vietnam Airlines. Thanks to the close and sustainable partnership between Bee Logistics – the forwarder handling the largest volume of air export to Europe countries, Vietnam Airlines always offer Bee Logistics with preferential options of space and air freight.

    With this favor, Bee Logistics is capable of providing forwarding services with outstanding competitiveness serving every single demand of our esteemed customers and partners, even in peak seasons.

    With this achievement, we highly treasure the support from our valued customers, partners, as the leadership of Boards of Directors with rightful development guidance, and the teamwork of our staffing as well, with more than 750 logistics experts working in provinces and cities across Vietnam and other countries where Bee Logistics has our footprint in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Taiwan and India.

    In the future business plan, Bee Logistics Group will boost air export service, to become a real giant in this field.

    Last but not least, again we thank you all, our customers, partners and Bee Group members for this pride, and we do appreciate your continued support for the coming time.

    Congratulations to Bee Logistics Corporation for their honorable award!


  • 15 Dec 2018 1:49 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Good News...

    Proud to share with you the professional performance of FM member Merc Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Merc Logistics continues to handle heavy air cargo shipments.

    They have recently completed another heavy air export shipment from India to Incheon, South Korea, succesfully.

    About Shipment:

    Port of Loading: Mumbai (BOM)
    Port of Discharge: Incheon (ICN)
    Weight: 16200.00KG
    Dimensions: 258 * 258 *  238 CM / 4 PCS ; 435 * 80 * 155CM /01 PCE
    Airline: Cathay Pacific
    Estimated Time of Departure: 11 December 2018
    Estimated Time of Arrival: 13 December 2018

    Congratulations to MERC LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. for their excellent job!

  • 14 Dec 2018 8:48 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    FM continues to introduce you new members.

    We are happy to announce you that ALLIED XPERT LOGISTICS, PAKISTAN successfully completed membership requirements and joined among Freight Midpoint professionals with the reference of FM Management.

    Let's welcome our new member on board of the Freight Midpoint!

    Have a great cooperation together!
    ADDRESS: Suit 801 Trade Avenue Hasrat Mohani Road, Karachi, Pakistan
    CONTACT: Ahmer Malik
    TEL: +92 21 32414387-9
    FAX: +92 21 2414388


  • 13 Dec 2018 11:59 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 12 December, 2018

    The Georgia Ports Authority is on track to reach 4.36 million TEUs in 2018, its highest volumes ever in a calendar year.

    The performance would mean an increase of 8 percent, or 312,385 TEUs, compared to 2017.

    “Cargo expansion related to growth in inland markets, as well as increased demand right here in the U.S. Southeast have shifted the global logistics arena in Savannah’s favor, with more port users choosing to serve their customers via Georgia’s deepwater terminals,” said GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch.

    For the year through November, the Port of Savannah has handled 4 million TEUs, up from 3.72 million reported in the same period last year. The port authority informed that the containers currently booked for December are expected to add around 362,000 TEUs to the annual total.

    The Georgia Ports Authority achieved 11.4 percent growth in container volumes in November, handling 344,506 TEUs last month. With 151 vessel calls at the container port, Garden City Terminal averaged 1,322 container moves per vessel in November, which was the 25th consecutive month the GPA has posted positive year-over-year growth.

    Port officials predict brisk container business at the Port of Savannah moving into 2019. Several vessel calls were rescheduled from the end of November to the beginning of December. Combined with planned December trade, this should result in strong numbers to round out the year. Additionally, many carriers are expected to make above-average cargo exchanges in January ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration, GPA explained.


  • 11 Dec 2018 4:47 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    We are glad to inform you that HANSEATIC LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS GERMANY GMBH has become the Gold Sponsor for FM 6th AGM, INO Summit 2019 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. With their sponsorship HANSEATIC LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS GERMANY GMBH will now be able to significantly increase their brand awareness not only during the event but also for the remainder of the year.

    If you would like to further promote yourself and easily increase your company’s exposure please consider one of our sponsorship packages. Please contact us at with any questions or to sign up for sponsorship.

    We are proud to highlight our most recent sponsor and delegates:
    Mr.Andreas Schmidt & Mr.Marcus Schwarz


  • 11 Dec 2018 2:28 PM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 11 December, 2018

    Etihad has expanded its cargo capacity operating in the Spanish market as it looks to cater for the fashion, perishable, pharma and automotive markets in the country.

    In late November, the airline added a five-times-per week Airbus A330 service with 16 tons of bellyhold capacity.

    This operates alongside its daily Beoing 787 service to Madrid. In addition, the airline offers trucking services to gateways across Europe.

    The Barcelona service will increase to a daily operation at the end of March next year.

    Key segments for Etihad Cargo in Spain are fashion, perishable goods, pharma and automotive.

    Abdulla Mohamed Shadid, Etihad Airways managing director cargo and logistics, said: “Spain is an important global trade market with high demand for both import and export capabilities to key destinations across the Middle East and Asia.

    "Expanding our capacity into the market with the addition of services to Barcelona enhances our network with even greater focus on key global trade routes."


  • 07 Dec 2018 2:00 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Good News...

    Proud to share with you the professional performance of FM member Merc Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    Merc Logistics has successfully completed an air export shipment from India to Kuwait.

    About Shipment:

    Port of Loading: Mumbai (BOM)
    Port of Discharge: Kuwait (KWI)
    Gross Weight: 28,786.00KG
    Dimensions: 108 * 61 * 49 Cm  / 582 pcs
    Airline: Emirates Airline (3 Lots)
    Estimated Time of Departure: 21 November 2018
    Estimated Time of Arrival: 27 November 2018
    Commodity Type: Ready Made Garments, etc

    Congratulations to MERC LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. for their excellent job!


  • 06 Dec 2018 6:57 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Today we are delightful to share that in addition to their Bangladesh office, SAFESEA BANGLADESH LTD. has extended their presence in our network with their U.S.A. office SAFESEA TRANSPORT INC. now.

    From now on, please also do not hesitate to contact them for your inquires of U.S.A.

    Wish you a good cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: 10 Corporate Place South, Suite 104, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 U.S.A.
    CONTACT: Mr. Gazi Mazumder
    TEL: +1 732 640 0931
    FAX: +1 732 766 1920

  • 06 Dec 2018 3:25 PM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 5 December, 2018

    Emirates SkyCargo completes five years of freighter operations to Ecuadorian capital Quito this December.

    The freight division of Emirates commenced its freighter operations to the Ecuadorian capital in December 2013 with a once a week service. And now with the growth in demand, the frequency has been increased. Currently, Emirates SkyCargo’s Boeing 777 freighter aircraft uplift cargo four times a week from Quito.

    Over the last five years, the carrier has been facilitating exports of Ecuadorian roses as well as other flowers and perishables through its Quito freighter service.

    Roses are one of the most popular export commodities from Ecuador and are renowned for their vibrant colour and long shelf life.

    Since December 2013, Emirates SkyCargo has helped transport over 50,000 tonnes of Ecuadorian exports from Quito. Fresh flowers including roses form the bulk of export commodities transported on the freighters. In 2017 alone, close to 12,500 tonnes of fresh flowers were flown from Quito to other parts of Emirates’ network in Europe, Middle East and Asia. High season for flower exports lasts between August and February but the peak demand for roses occurs in late January and early February in the run up to Valentine’s Day often requiring additional freighter capacity to be deployed to meet demand.

    More recently, Emirates SkyCargo has also helped promote the growth of exports of perishables such as mangoes and baby bananas from Ecuador to markets such as Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore. With its global network of over 155 destinations Emirates SkyCargo facilitates the development of new export opportunities and makes an important contribution to the local economy in Ecuador where more than 100,000 people are dependent on the floriculture sector.

    With Emirates Fresh, the carrier’s three-tiered suite of specialised solutions, flowers and other perishables from Ecuador retain their freshness and longevity during their journey.


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