Members Platform

Our Members-Only Digital Platform provides an invaluable resource tailored to the specific needs of our community. With exclusive access, members can utilize a dedicated chat tool, download member directories, access their certificates, and manage membership invoices. Moreover, they can view comprehensive agent profiles, including trust scan results and certification details, ensuring transparency and confidence when collaborating. This user-friendly platform streamlines communication and information sharing, making it an essential tool for fostering a strong and efficient network.

Conflict Resolution

Our Conflict Management Service offers members the reassurance of impartial, network-supported resolution in the event of disputes or disagreements arising from air, sea, or land shipping collaborations. As a neutral and objective party, we strive to ensure fair and amicable solutions, fostering smooth cooperation between members. This valuable benefit instills confidence in potential members, making our network a highly attractive choice for businesses seeking a supportive and harmonious professional environment.

Limited Membership

Being part of a global agent network that limits membership to six agents per city offers a unique advantage to members. This exclusivity ensures an optimal balance between healthy competition and abundant opportunities. Members can benefit from a diverse range of service offerings and competitive pricing while maintaining a strong, localized presence, ultimately enhancing their market position and fostering sustainable growth.


This emphasizes the importance of cultivating genuine connections and a sense of camaraderie among members, transcending mere business partnerships. By nurturing a family-like atmosphere, our network encourages comfortable collaboration and solidifies team spirit. Event activities further strengthen these relationships, uniting members in both professional and social settings. Experience the benefits of a network that values sincere connections and human touch, driving success through unity and mutual support.

Targeted Events

This provides members with the unique opportunity to attend the prestigious INO Summit, a joint conference of three renowned networks: Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network, Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network, and Overseas Project Cargo Association. While focused meetings are exclusive to their own network, members can still forge connections with peers from other networks during shared social events and activities like Welcome Cocktail, Gala Dinner, lunches, Football Tournament, Paintball Tournament, Karting Race, and city tours. Experience the perfect blend of targeted networking and cross-network engagement at the INO Summit.

Marketing Support

The network offers members the advantage of enhanced visibility, both within the network and on a global scale. Our promotional services amplify your presence in the market, ensuring that your business stands out among the competition. By leveraging our network's marketing support, members can enjoy increased brand recognition and growth opportunities, making membership a valuable investment in their long-term success.

Referral Networking

Referral Based Networking offers a powerful and effective approach to growing a professional network by leveraging the trusted relationships of existing members. By encouraging members to refer their reliable partners and providing incentives such as membership discounts or even free membership, the network thrives with quality agents committed to mutual success. This not only strengthens the overall network but also fosters a collaborative environment built on trust and credibility. Members can confidently collaborate with the knowledge that they are working with reputable partners, fostering a positive business ecosystem primed for growth and expansion. Embrace the benefits of Referral Based Networking and experience the synergy of a strong, reliable network working together towards shared success.

Protection Program

The Payment Protection Program (PPP) in freight forwarding agent networks offers invaluable financial security to its members by safeguarding against unpaid invoices in air, sea, and land shipping modes. By participating in the PPP, members can confidently conduct business in a secure environment, reducing risks associated with uncollected payments. The program fosters trust and reliability within the network, empowering members to focus on growth and collaboration while enjoying the peace of mind provided by this vital financial safety net.