• Nisa TÜMER
  • Mar 20, 2024 10:27

Digital Transformation and Social Media in Business

In today's business world, the concept of digital transformation is gaining increasing importance. Social media, one of the cornerstones of this transformation, has become an indispensable marketing and sales tool for businesses. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of social media for businesses and the importance of digital transformation.

One advantage that social media provides to businesses is the opportunity to increase brand awareness. By using social media platforms, businesses can reach large audiences and promote their brands. With the right strategies, they can effectively reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. A study published in the Harvard Business Review reveals that 72% of consumers engage with brands on social media, and these interactions enhance brand loyalty. During my time working under the umbrella of the "INO Networks Group," I would also like to express that I have gained firsthand experience as a team member responsible for managing social media accounts.

Social media also plays an important role in strengthening customer relationships. Businesses can interact directly with customers through social media platforms. Social media platforms are crucial for addressing customer complaints, answering questions, and evaluating feedback. This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens brand loyalty.

Furthermore, social media offers businesses the opportunity to increase sales and gain a competitive advantage. By showcasing their products and services directly to potential customers on social media platforms, businesses can boost their sales. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram, in particular, offer opportunities for businesses to increase sales through advertising campaigns and personalized content. According to Shopify's 2020 report, sales through social media increased by 76% compared to the previous year. I believe that our "Freight Talk" platform will create the same impact in the "logistics", "supply chain", "shipping", "aviation", "transportation", and "freight forwarding" sectors as well.

The importance of digital transformation is also increasing for businesses. Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to enhance competitiveness, increase efficiency, and achieve a more flexible structure. Social media is a significant part of this digital transformation process because it enables businesses to reach a wider audience, conduct data analysis, and make quick decisions.

Especially in the B2B (business-to-business) market, the role of social media is undeniable. Platforms like LinkedIn allow businesses to expand their professional networks and engage with other professionals in the industry. Sharing regular content on these platforms increases a business's visibility in the industry and provides an opportunity to connect with potential customers. I evaluate that consistently taken actions in business life will yield results. Therefore, at, we bring together "Freight Forwarder" companies every week on our platform, enabling participants to connect with potential partners. When the benefits of the digital world are utilized correctly, creating a profitable business model is indeed possible!

To sum up, social media and digital platforms are important marketing and sales tools for businesses. By effectively using social media with the right strategies, businesses can increase brand awareness, boost sales, and strengthen customer relationships. Therefore, it is inevitable for businesses to improve their social media strategies and establish a presence in the digital world.

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