Applications for new members are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. To promote quality and keep high standards, new members are accepted only by recommendation of the current members. You may ask one of our members to send us a recommendation email or you may make an online application. Upon receipt of your application, our sales representative will contact you to learn who recommended the Freight Midpoint to you.

It is suggested to review our online member directory carefully to check out if you know any of our members. If you still can't find someone familiar, it is suggested to cooperate with one of our members as soon as possible and let them know that you would like to join the Freight Midpoint network. Please feel free to ask the agent you cooperate with to send us a recommendation email.

The applicant company should have a sincere intention to cooperate with our members. The company itself should have at least two years of existence in the industry, a visible website, no suspicious issues on the internet, and the parties (including employer and employee ) should have a solid financial background. Any company which satisfies these criteria can be recommended by our members, and taken into membership process subject to vacancy.

Any company which satisfies our criteria can be recommended by our members, and taken into membership process subject to vacancy. The applicant company must be recommended by one of our current members, provide a legal certificate of incorporation, tax certificate, and business license/chamber of commerce certificate (if any), and provide three overseas references (non-members) from its freight forwarding partners.

There are two types of membership levels “Regular Level” and “Premium Level”. The membership fee is applied as usd 250/year for 1st office at the Regular Level. The membership fee is applied as usd 750/year for 1st office in the Premium Level. A company must complete a one-year membership at the Regular Level to become eligible to upgrade its membership from the Regular level to the Premium Level. It is upon request and optional to upgrade membership.

The INO Summit is a three-day joint conference (Physical Event), which brings the members of three well-known networks/associations together in one place. The summit is held with the participation of members from Freight Midpoint (FM), Freight Forwarders Family (3F), and Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA). These three associations are independent and separate from one another and have different members. Each association serves different expectations, needs, and strategies of freight forwarders and logistics companies. They come together for this glorious summit to create perfect synergy, potential and networking opportunities.

Only members of our networks can attend the INO Summit. We hereby thank you for your interest, however, INO Summit doesn't accept observers. Upon receipt of membership approval, you can log in to your account and register through the members-only area.