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FACE TO FACE MEETING plays a major part in communication. It is not just how you said something, but also your facial expressions and body posture. Nobody handles his client’s cargo with someone never met. It is a vital point in worldwide agent networking and it is requested from all FM agents to join AGM regarding natural philosophy of Freight Midpoint Meeting and Protection Focused Strategy. The key success factor of our association and our power is coming from “being associated with LIKE MINDED people who are focused on one common goal of achieving success”.

We hereby thank you all our participants, who attended FM meetings and made our events such a perfect business meeting.

Here are the figures which show increasing potential and success of Freight Midpoint Agents.

FM 1st Annual General Meeting, 10-12 October 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

27 companies, 35 delegates from 17 different countries

FM 2nd Annual General Meeting, 3-5 August 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

46 companies, 60 delegates from 27 different countries

FM 3rd Annual General Meeting, 8-10 May 2016, Hong Kong, China

75 companies, 104 delegates from 39 different countries

Please click the below link to see FM 3rd AGM summary link page:

 8-10 May 2016                                     FM 3rd AGM, Hong Kong

FM 4th Annual General Meeting, 5-7 March 2017, Dubai, U.A.E.

70 companies, 97 delegates from 36 different countries

Please click the below link to see FM 4th AGM summary link page:

 5-7 March 2017                                      FM 4th AGM, Dubai

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