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Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT, Founder and Chairman of Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network and INO Networks Group. He was born in Switzerland, grew up in Turkey, lived in Hong Kong since years and turned back to hometown Turkey in 2016. He is the first person who has established privately owned agent network organizations for freight forwarders and logistics companies on global scale in TURKEY. His 1st steps into logistics industry started at high school times, continued with productive internships during university years and starting from young ages, he took place in business environment. He has a Bachelor Degree in International Logistics & Transportation and Master’s Degree in Management and Organization.

Mr.KIRIKKANAT has rich experience in International Freight Forwarding industry and strengthened his knowledge with various certificate programs in time such as E-Foreign Trade Specialist, Logistics Management, Cargo Sales and Marketing, DGR, Office Programs, Photoshop, Flash, Web Design (DW, HTML/CSS) and Web Program (PHP). He was also the shareholder of two International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Companies in Turkey. He has contributed to Turkish Logistics sector with his new concept introducing “Online Logistics Seminar Certificate Program” distance learning method with the slogan of “Isi Patrondan Ogren” (Learn business from the boss). He was teaching logistics online with totally different concept focusing on practices and sharing his valuable experiences about the sector. He was also issuing certificate - APPROVED by Turkey Ministry of National Education - to his students in collaboration with TOROS UNIVERSITY located at Mersin, TURKEY.

is the General Coordinator of INO Networks Group (3F, FM and OPCA). She has a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature. After graduated from university, she taught English in one of the famous English Language Course Centers in Turkey on the weekends and during the weekdays she started to work in logistics department in one of the main suppliers of Ford & Land Rover.

She became the logistics chief of the company and then she started to work at one of the biggest Turkish auto and building glass suppliers as the import and export executive.

Mrs. Kirikkanat strengthened her knowledge with various programs such as E-Foreign Specialist, Web Design and Web Program. She worked in every step of agent networking, marketing and annual general meeting arrangements. She still expertly coordinates all daily activities of INO Networks Group and especially manages contract process with business partners. Mrs.Selda KIRIKKANAT and Mr.Kemal KIRIKKANAT have been working together as husband and wife since 2010.

joined INO Team as Business Manager in February 2022. She holds BA degree in English Language and Literature. She studied French as second language. She started her career in one of the leading shipping agencies in 1999. She was responsible for Sales and Pricing all trades to/from Mediterranean ports. She acted as Line Coordinator among local offices and Head Quarters Genoa & Dubai & Hamburg. She was assigned as Sales Manager for Med-Asia Trade in Istanbul in 2006. She continued her carreer as Branch & Sales Manager in a Chilean company and developed business from Med to Latin America ports. She worked as Supply Chain Director in different industries and developed her skills in distribution and material management as well. Her career journey continued in a global forwarding company as Sales and Pricing Manager mainly focused on Project Cargo handling such as Mining equipment, Heavy industry materials and Renewable Energy.

Mrs. Asli GOK
joined INO Team at Membership Services Department in December 2014. She studied German Translation and Interpreting at University. During her education she had been abroad with education programs to improve her language and worked different Hotels in Turkey as guest relations officer. After graduated from university, she started to work as a translator in business life. She is experienced in hospitality management, guest relations services and translation departments. Upon completion of two years in membership services, she strengthened her knowledge about meetings, conferences, exhibitions and assigned as Events Supervisor at the beginning of 2017. She manages the preparation and registration process for Annual General Meetings. This position gained her much experience in marketing, networking and MICE industry. She provides excellent support in bringing together members far and wide for mutual benefits.


Ms. Selcan CANITEZ
joined INO Team at Membership Services Department in July 2017. She has a Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in Tourism Management. During her education, she interned in different travel agencies and she worked in a tourism and organization company. She has been abroad with student exchange program during her university education as well. After graduated from university, she started to work as a medical sales representative in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. Then, she continued to work as sales representative in one of the world-wide known travel agencies. Ms.Selcan handles the day-to-day running of the network and especially referral program. She is responsible for membership process and activities to provide outstanding customer service.

Ms. Busra EREN
joined the INO Team at Customer Service Department in March 2021. She studied Photography and Cinematography at university. During her studies she got a scholarship and studied Broadcasting Media Arts in abroad. After the graduation, she had a chance to work in one of the biggest production media company in Turkey. Then, she decided to walk in another path and started working as a foreign education counselor for 4,5 years. Through her position, she gained experience ongoing supports, listening the students’ concerns and providing crisis counseling. Now, she is in charge of identifying customers’ needs and providing the offer the best service as a Senior Customer Experience Representative at INO Team.

joined the INO Team at Membership Services Department in November 2018. She studied Business Administration in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at University. During her education, she worked for an international non-governmental and not-for-profit youth-run organization as volunteer project director. Thanks to the projects she volunteered for, she gained experience at leadership development, cross-cultural relations, and volunteer exchange programs across the globe. Then, she started to work as a PR assistant in Directorate Press and Public Relations Directorate of the University that she graduated from. After graduating from the University, she continued to work as a Public Relations Responsible in hospitality industry. Now, Mrs. Gozde plays a key role in researching and enrolling the best cargo professionals from all over the world. Then, she was assigned to the Events Services. She was responsible for the event arrangements and activities. Mrs. Kaya is currently Senior Sales Representative, process membership applications and run refer a friend program.

joined INO Team as Graphic Designer at Marketing Services Department in July 2019. She took a short break in 2020 and re-joined the team in April 2021. She has a bachelor degree in Faculty of Fine Arts. She has participated in various art activities during her education. After graduating from the university, she started to work in Sehzadebasi Mosque's restoration team in Istanbul. Then, she continued to work as a graphic designer in an event agency organization. She had an opportunity to work with worldwide known brands which she gained experience in visual art works for the music and entertainment festivals. After that she started to work as a graphic designer at a brand experience agency which provide services for youth communication, direct marketing, social media, development of strategy and concept. She improved her skills at advertisement industry in many years, now she is responsible in producing visuals for our networks including social media.

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